Enabling increased energy efficiency by developing
cutting-edge technologies.


Pioneering the latest technology for accelerating operational efficiency in all levels of energy and paving the way for smooth transition to 100% clean energy for a sustainable future.

Our Team

Our Story

Behind every success story lies a challenge or adversity and it is no different when it comes to foundation of Endoks. The story begins with three natural born engineers who graduated from one of the highest ranking universities in the world. These three inquisitive minds were working together in a research institution where they had the opportunity to visit many of the country’s major facilities. During one of these visits, they noticed that an installed system was not working properly. The system was built by a global giant technology company 30 years ago with an investment of 1,5 million Euro, and it was now obsolete and unusable. This huge waste of resources tremendously bothered these three highly responsible engineers. The fact that they couldn’t find a simple off-the-shelf solution to this problem extremely motivated these young brilliant minds to create their own solution for it. Working tirelessly on their own time on weekends, they renewed the idle system of this large facility by simply charging for the hardware costs which was just a small fraction of the 1,5 million euro value that was then brought back into the economy.
The company was founded with this spirit and passion, and became a leader that continues to develop new technologies to help companies thrive without interruption.Today Endoks is an international brand having achieved their goal of becoming a competitive, reliable and leading provider of high quality solutions, a technology developer and a company blazing the trails in the fields of power quality, energy digitalisation, energy efficiency and renewable energy. After partnering with “Quality Power”, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of MV air core reactors in 2011, Endoks started offering products and services to more than 72 countries using the partnership franchises and liaison offices.As being the first and only local manufacturer of Static Var Compensation (SVC) systems and market leader with the installations more than 20 in the last three years, Endoks is able to provide up to 300MVAr SVC system directly connected to 34.5kV bus on turn-key basis. Having been certified as an R&D centre, Endoks attracts brilliant minds to work on exciting projects to keep sharpening on the technologies to lead the way in these fields.

Why Endoks?

Endoks provides exact solution, exact tehnology and exact quality for power quality and the digital
transformation of electrical energy production, consumption and distribution.


Has superior knowledge
and experience in energy,
power and electricity.

Provides the right
technology, the right
solution, the right quality.

Equipped with
a highly capable
engineering team.

Produces design and flexible
solutions according to the
needs of the customer.

Provides easily
accessible after-sales

Understands the problems in
depth and produces quick

Our Quality