Our Human

Resources Policy

Endoks gives equal opportunities to work everyone regardless of age, gender, nationality, race, religion and physical condition.​W e aware that prioritize their commitment to their companies and that development is the basic criterion for the meintanence of brain power we have by fallowing a transparent and equal management policy for our employees. ​ By this awareness we aim to increase the performance of employees to reduce the corporate targets to individual targets and thus reaching the Company’s goals effectively and efficiently by creating a dynamic, growing and innovative environment and reduceing the corporate targets to individual targets. Endoks, Following a participatory management po licy which combines different perspectives and know-how, supports continuous learning and development by prioritizing the personal and professional development of its employees.​ Our basic policy is to observe and to update our human resources practices according to the conditions of the day to update andin this way to develop constantly by keeping them in a dynamic structure in the determined strategies ​