Dr. Alper Terciyanli graduated in 2001 from the Electrical-Electronics Engineering Department, METU. After finding a love for teaching, he continued studying after obtaining a BSc and then finished his MSc and Ph.D. in power electronics in 2004 and 2010, respectively. During his Ph.D., he worked in the power electronics field at TUBITAK. As a chief R&D engineer, he worked in power quality as a chief R&D engineer with more than ten journal papers, 25 conference proceedings, and one patent for a new entrepreneurial endeavor.

Alper and his partners founded the company Endoks in 2011. In one year, they grew a business in the power quality area and established inavitas to work on energy management applications. By 2015, he had begun to focus on digital transformation in the energy industry. As the company’s CEO, he has led inavitas to become a market leader in every area it operates.

In 2020, he became one of the co-founders of the Energy Digitalization Association and worked as the organization’s General Secretary.

During the last ten years of Alper’s career, his main areas of interest have been renewables and technologies designed to achieve a sustainable future. He believes that innovative solutions are needed to sustain our planet while providing reliable energy and sustainable growth. We need answers about achieving sustainability today because tomorrow will be too late. These truths motivate him to work on technologies that promote a green future for everyone.

Alper spends his spare time eating, cooking, and being with his partner and three daughters.