Power Quality

Boost your energy quality and business efficiency with the efficient and innovative solutions getting rid of your power quality problems like reactive power compensation, voltage - current harmonics, voltage imbalance, flicker and outages - interruptions etc.

Monotoring and Control

At your service with a fully customer focused software platform which is independent of hardware, compliant with standards and regulations, flexible and expandable in power quality monitoring and control applications.

Intelligent Devices

intelligent devices are used at any place where precise, cost-effective and ICT enabled energy management is required.


About Us

Endoks, which has been supplying innovative solutions for power quality market since 2008 with his experienced team and advanced infrastructure, serves as your solution partner with his eco- friendly and innovative products and systems for improving the quality and efficiency of electrical energy in all life-cycles from generation to delivery. Endoks has a mission of providing innovative products and services with high quality and competitive price in the fields of power quality, energy efficiency and renewable energy. Endoks has been realized the goal of becoming a competitive, reliable and leading provider of high quality solutions, a technology developer and a company directing the changes in related fields.

Smart City

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