Controlled Reactor

High-quality, specific and cost-effective solutions
for reactive power compensation and harmonic
problems of conventional loads.

Primary Benefits

  • Power factor correction
  • Voltage regulation improvement
  • Increases transfer capability of transmission systems
  • Decreasing network losses

Application Areas

  • Transmission and Distribution Systems
  • Mining Industry
  • Cement Industry
  • Railway Transmission Systems

MCR Features

  • A type of controllable saturated reactor used for shunt compensation
  • Can be connected directly to HV levels without step-up transformer
  • Used with fixed capacitor/harmonic filter banks to control reactive power flow
  • Same functionality with SVCs
  • Compared to TCR:
  • Lower cost
  • Lower harmonic distortion, <3%
  • Reduced installation footprint
  • Easier maintenance

MCR How it works?

  • Structure
  • A steel magnetic core with the main and
    control windings
  • Main winding is connected to HV grid
  • The control winding is fed by power electronically controlled rectifier.
  • Controlled rectifier provides a variable dc superposed magnetization current to control inductive susceptance of reactor.

Sample Project

Aras Electricty Distribution Company

6 cities (HQ at Erzurum) in the east of Turkey

High penetration of hydro and solar power plants

Voltage regulation and reactive power penalty problems

Magnetically Controlled Reactors at 26 distribution substations

More than 5 Mio USD penalty avoided in two years



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