Static VAr
Compensation Systems

Static VAr Compensation (SVC) is onae of the reactive power compensation and voltage regulation systems which consist of static, or semiconductors, switching elements. Thyristor Controlled Reactor (TCR) and Thyristor Switched Capacitor (TSC) are the most common SVC systems.

Primary Benefits

  • Power factor correction
  • Voltage regulation improvement
  • Flicker mitigation
  • Load Balancing
  • Power oscillation damping
  • Increases transfer capability of transmission systems
  • Voltage ride through support

Application Areas

  • Transmission and Distribution Systems
  • Metal Industry
  • Railway Transmission Systems
  • Mining Industry
  • Cement Industry
  • Oil & Gas Industry
  • Grid code compliance applications of solar and wind energy systems

Benefits of SVC

  • Reduction in active energy losses by improving
    reactive power flow and filtering harmonics
  • Improvement in system stability with load balancing and flicker reduction
  • Better utilization of transmission and
    distribution systems
  • Increasing the quality of supply
  • Reduction of production cost in iron and steel industry


How it works?

  • Thyristor Controlled Reactor (TCR)
  • Controllable component of SVC
  • Provides inductive reactive power
  • Consisting air core reactor and with a bidirectional anti parallel thyristor stack called as thyristor valve
  • Act as a variable reactor
  • Reactive power output can be controlled from 0 – Qmax continuously
  • Fast response time – 10 ms

Main Features of SVC

Reactive Power

Compensation of fast varying and unbalanced reactive power


Reducing flicker by balancing loads and voltage regulation


Filtering even harmonics as well as ood ones and interharmonics


Balancing the load by injecting unbalanced reactive power as power Steinmetz’s formula

Sample Project

Habaş Iron and Steel Industry

Static VAr Compensation (SVC) system of 310 MVAr at 34.5kV

Turkey’e biggest steel plant

300 Mt arc furnace manufacturing steel from scrap

Aliağa, İzmir – Turkey

Second biggest industrial SVC in the world



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