SVC-Static VAr Compensation Systems


Static VAr Compensation (SVC) is one of the reactive power compensation and voltage regulation systems which consist of static, or semiconductors, switching elements. Thyristor Controlled Reactor (TCR) and Thyristor Switched Capacitor (TSC) are the most common SVC systems.

SVC systems are being used for voltage fluctuation, voltage harmonics, poor power factor, voltage unbalance and flicker problems where reactive power demand is varying very fast, loads are unbalanced and rich in harmonics. Hence, SVC systems are mostly used in industries having arc, ladle furnaces, rolling mills, hoist/cranes and welding machines. Besides, SVC systems are utilized in transmission and distribution systems for reactive power compensation, voltage regulation and improvement of system stability.

Primary Benefits

✔ Reduction in active energy losses as a fact of improving reactive power flow and filtering harmonics
✔ Improvement in system stability with load balancing and flicker reduction
✔ Better utilization of the capacity in transmission and distribution systems
✔ Increasing the quality of supply
✔ Reduction of production cost in iron and steel industry
✔ In result, increase in energy efficiency