Passive Harmonic Filtering Systems

High-quality, specific and cost-effective solutions for reactive power compensation and harmonic problems of conventional loads.

Primary Benefits

✔ Reducing active power losses by minimizing reactive power flow
✔ Elimination of the problems related to current/voltage harmonics
✔ Voltage regulation and stability improvement
✔ Increasing the capacity in transmission and distribution lines
✔ Demir çelik tesislerinde birim üretim maliyetlerinin azaltılması
✔ Efficient utilization of resources

Application Areas

✔ Transmission Systems
✔ Distribution Systems
✔ Iron and Steel Industry
✔ Railway Industry
✔ Cement Production Industry
✔ Power Plants

Primary Benefits

✔ Reduction in active energy losses as a fact of improving reactive power flow and filtering harmonics
✔ Improvement in system stability with load balancing and flicker reduction
✔ Better utilization of the capacity in transmission and distribution systems
✔ Increasing the quality of supply
✔ Reduction of production cost in iron and steel industry
✔ In result, increase in energy efficiency